Cost-effective access to experienced, licensed engineers.

Few things are more important than progressive experience for engineers. This takes time and there are no short cuts or fast tracks. Our team comprises seasoned engineers with a proven record of experience.

Engineers are specialists within their discipline, a processed initiated through education from an accredited educational institution. Our engineers all have progressive experience and exceed the minimum continuing education requirements. This ensures our engineers are proven experts.

We believe that licensure demonstrates a minimum competence for any engineer while also ensuring work meets the ethical requirements for an engineer. While exemptions to licensure exist, Lokimox only hires licensed professional engineers.

A professional is defined by their ethics. Lokimox follows the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Code of Ethics and expects every representative to follow this code.

One Solution for Multiple Disciplines

Lokimox brings a team comprising multiple engineering disciplines together for our clients. This enables any contact, large or small, access to the full team. Our team works as close as possible to our clients, striving for a seamless integration of Lokimox and client teams.

A core expertise at Lokimox is metallurgical engineering. This covers all services relating to materials (metallic and nonmetallic), metallurgy, failure analysis, heat treatment, corrosion, and inspection.

A secondary core for Lokimox is mechanical engineering where our team works with industry codes from ASME and API relating to asset integrity management, failure investigations, and forensic engineering.

A subset of metallurgical engineering, we provide welding, brazing, and joining services relating to welding procedure specifications, qualifications, and inspection.

Our chemical engineering staff support our metallurgical and mechanical engineering teams through integrating process and process control to our core services.

Our engineering team provides electrical engineering services in support of our other engineering specialties with a focus on control systems.

Our engineering team provides civil engineering services in support of our other engineering specialties with a focus on geotechnical and mapping (GIS).

The specialty of forensic engineering includes all other specialties to determine why things went wrong resulting in failure or a catastrophic event. This is the foundation for our expert witness services provided by Lokimox engineers who are also members of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE).

Do You Require Engineering Resources?

Access to experienced, licensed engineering resources are just a phone call or a message away!